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This is a Skin for Monsterhearts 2 by Avery Alder.

Your existence declares that all is not well in this world. Wherever you go, misfortune follows. You leave a trail of accidents, disappointments, pain, and grief. If people could only put things together, they’d see the pattern, the warning signs, the truth that your presence is an omen, telling them that they should get their lives together before it all goes bad. But most people don’t see what the future holds for them, and instead of living in dread, they get to live in the moment.

The Apocalypse is coming, ready or not. Tick, tock, omen—keep your eye on that clock. 

Anxious, pessimistic, cautious, and knowing. The Kumakatok (Tagalog for “door knocker/one who knocks”) is an unwanted, unlucky presence. Disaster circles those who get close to them. They have great foresight, but struggle to prevent what troubles may come.

Play the Kumakatok if you want to play a character who is entirely justified in fearing the unknown, because it isn't entirely unknown to them; if you're not afraid of bad things happening to and around you, because they will; if you want to find ways to connect even when you fear the end. The Kumakatok knows that things don't always end well, and it's up to them to figure out how they want to live with the knowledge of impending doom. 

This Skin was inspired by the Philippine legend of the Kumakatok, a trio of robed figures whose knocks on doors presage death, illness, or other misfortune. It was also inspired by Apocalypse Keys (which you should check out, because it's awesome!) and created for the Apocalypse Keys Jam. Hopefully it'll be a little tool you can use to bring an Apocalypse into the already complicated lives of your terrible teenage monsters. 

This Skin hasn't been playtested yet, so feel free let me know if you have any feedback to help me make it better (or if you notice any Tagalog mistakes, since I am okay at understanding but bad at putting words together). 

Photo in cover picture by dawin opiana on Unsplash and modified by me

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